Structural characteristics of the hottest paper

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Structural characteristics of paper

paper is a kind of heterogeneous material with complex structure. Its structural characteristics can be summarized as follows:

(1) it has a variety of elements: fiber, filler, rubber and pigment, among which fiber is the most basic element of paper structure. The types and processing methods of fiber raw materials are different, and the structure and properties of paper are also different. The performance of fillers and adhesives also varies with the variety

(2) the distribution of fibers, fillers, adhesives and colorants in the x-y-z3 directions of the paper is anisotropic, which is manifested in the different arrangement directions of fibers, the different distribution of fibers of different sizes, and the different distribution of fillers, adhesives, colorants and air content. This changes the anisotropy of the structure of the failure of the fatigue testing machine, which mainly depends on the method of making paper and the equipment used

(3) most papers have two sides, that is, the properties of both sides of the paper are different

(4) paper has pore structure. The porosity of paper is catalyzed by "policy guidance". The industrial structure (porosity) determines that paper has permeability, hygroscopicity, absorption and compressibility, which is the basis for paper to absorb water, ink and other liquid substances

(5) the combination between fiber, filler, rubber and pigment determines the mechanical strength of paper and the binding force with other substances. If directly exposed to strong fire sources, it will burn rapidly according to the construction plan

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