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Structural design and manufacturing of packaging containers

Part 3 structural design and manufacturing of paper packaging containers

introduction to paper packaging

section 1 about paper packaging

I. research object, nature and learning purpose of paper packaging

1 Research object:

paper packaging research is paper packaging products, referred to as paper packaging The so-called paper packaging refers to the packaging products with paper or paper as the main material, such as cartons, cartons, paper bags, paper tubes, paper cans, paper barrels, and various pulp molded products. In addition, in recent years, the new "daily necessities" such as paper cups, paper trays, paper bowls, paper bottles and so on are also our research objects

section 2 overview of paper packaging

China is the hometown of paper

in 1885, British businessman William lever was the beginning of commodity packaging entering the market

at the beginning of this century, the invention of corrugated box occurred in the famous Los Angeles "P

rydham case", which opened a brilliant page in the history of paper packaging

metal, glass, plastic, composite materials and other packaging have risen one after another

I. the position of paper packaging in the packaging field

1. The advantageous position of paper packaging in the competition

the international research report points out that the consumption of packaging paper and paperboard in the United States is on the rise. Environmental problems

are the main reason why paper packaging products can compete with plastics

there are many other advantages of using paper/cardboard packaging

2, "environmentally friendly" packaging

in the U.S. market, the demand for "environmentally friendly"

packaging has increased three times faster than the total amount of packaging. Mark of recycled cardboard:

it is composed of three arrows. The first arrow represents the recycling of waste paper, the second arrow represents the recycling or processing of these waste paper into high-quality, fast cooling, durable and competitive cardboard, and the third arrow

head represents the participation of consumers - the reuse of cardboard. Three arrows form an eternal circle

3. Current situation of paper packaging industry

the United States is the birthplace of corrugated boxes and other paper packaging, representing the changes in the international paper packaging industry

China's paper packaging industry has made great progress in the past ten years

II. Raw materials for paper packaging

1. The thickness of paperboard

is generally between 0.3~1.1mm, and the thinner Manila paperboard (producing small cartons) and the thicker white paperboard (producing large cartons)

① Manila paperboard: light yellow paperboard made of chemical pulp and ground wood pulp

② white paperboard: made of chemical pulp and waste pulp

③ yellow paperboard: a low-grade paperboard made from straw and pulp produced by lime method, which is mainly used for pasting the box core of carton (fixed carton)

④ kraft board: board made of kraft pulp

2. Processed paperboard

① composite processed paperboard: refers to the paperboard made of aluminum foil, polyethylene, oil proof paper and other materials

② pitted paperboard: refers to the processed paperboard with pitting, cloth pattern or checkered pattern pressed on the surface of the paperboard

③ water resistant kraft board: impregnated with water-resistant resin, it is mainly used to manufacture multiple beverage collection packaging boxes

3. Corrugated cardboard

is mainly composed of outer paper and inner paper, with corrugated core paper sandwiched in the middle, and each paper page is bonded by adhesive

① corrugated cardboard base paper: it is divided into face paper and corrugated core paper

a. face paper: it is the outer layer of corrugated board

Kraft tissue paper: tissue paper made of 100% kraft pulp

jute tissue paper: tissue paper made of kraft pulp with a certain proportion and recycled kraft pulp

cardboard: made of straw pulp and waste pulp

tissue paper has the following four characteristics:

adaptability to production speed; Sticky; Deformability; Printability

b. corrugated core paper: pretreat wood chips with chemicals

secondary fiber (waste paper) pulp core paper: including secondary fibers of various grades

straw paperboard: it is made of 25% straw pulp and 75% waste pulp of various quality and grade

Kraft core paper:

② corrugated board shape: divided into V shape, U shape and UV shape

a.v-shape: poor cushioning performance, strong pressure resistance, not easy to bond

b.u-shape: it has good cushioning performance, weak pressure resistance and easy adhesion

shape: it has the advantages of both

③ corrugated type of corrugated board

refers to the type of corrugated type, that is, the different classification of corrugated size, density and characteristics

there are generally four types of ridge types: A, B, C and E

a.a ridge:

b. b ridge:

c. C ridge:

d. e ridge:

uses of four ridge types:

outer packaging - A, B, C ridge

medium package - B, e-ridge

small package - E-LENG

④ type of corrugated board

a. single-sided corrugated board

b. double-sided corrugated board

c. double core can also query the stored experimental data double-sided corrugated board

d. three core double-sided corrugated board

e.x-ply super corrugated board

4, fresh-keeping board

① polyethylene sandwich type: polyethylene film as a fresh-keeping layer is sandwiched between the inside and outside of the board

a. soaking in antibacterial agent

b. coating CTM preservative

c. "Hato fresh P" fresh-keeping film

② composite type: compound the fresh-keeping film or vacuum aluminizing on the inner and outer paper

a. composite vacuum aluminum coating on both inner and outer sides

b. inner composite vacuum aluminum plating, polyester (PET) film; Most of the national standards for stainless steel materials stipulate the tensile test and hardness test at the same time

C. inner composite fresh-keeping film

ol, Dan corrugated board, with vacuum aluminized film on the outside and foamed plastic on the inside

e. inner composite foamed polyethylene, polypropylene, vacuum aluminized film and PET film

f. inner composite Styron polystyrene film

③ combined type

a. because this type of experimental machine is still driven by the hydraulic cylinder, the task piston provides the driving force. The type is: kraft paper/corrugated core paper/special plastic foam layer/kraft paper

b. composite foaming LDPE layer on the inner side of double-sided corrugated board

c. high paper thermal foaming PSP layer is combined with the inner side of corrugated board

d. cold insulation packaging: composite microporous foam between face paper and corrugated board

④ mixed type

in the papermaking process, porous B gas absorption powder is added to the inner paper

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