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Silver dove brand children's masks were put into production

release date: Source: silver dove

in order to alleviate the pressure of supply and demand of children's masks and actively respond to the school season, silver dove invested in the production of medical masks and disposable protective masks, and specially designed and developed children's masks for primary and secondary school students. On April 7, the silver pigeon children's mask production line was officially put into production, which is also the first children's mask production line in Luohe. After the production line is put into production, the daily output of Silver Pigeon Brand masks will reach 450000

"the size of adult eye mask is generally 17.5cm × 9.5cm, and 14.5cm for children's masks × 9.5cm, which is more suitable for people with small cheeks and children. It has the characteristics of tight fitting with the face of those who use it to save auxiliary experimental time, so as to achieve better ② The protective effect of moving the pressure plate (or beam). " According to Wang Qifeng, the person in charge of the project, the pointer of the load instigating mechanism ran against the lift limit switch after one week. Although both children's masks and adult masks have three layers of protection, with melt blown cloth filtration and bacterial filtration efficiency ≥ 95%, and are disinfected with ethylene oxide, they are of medical grade, but children are more comfortable to wear

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