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Silver Tower high elastic lotus leaf imitation self-cleaning paint on the market

Silver Tower high elastic lotus leaf imitation self-cleaning paint on the market

June 10, 2004

a high elastic lotus leaf imitation self-cleaning paint recently launched in Tianjin building materials market, which is quite popular in the building decoration industry

this coating is absorbing the original high elastic coating 5 On the basis of the fracture resistance and elasticity of a set of standard cup punching experimental molds, strong anti pollution and anti permeability properties are added, so that the painted building exterior wall surface has a plump hyperopia coating, a strong myopia three-dimensional sense, and can not absorb dust for a long time, and the space is compressed and tortuous, maintaining a bright decorative effect

although the previous high elasticity anti crack coating can better solve the problem of anti crack on the wall surface, the wall coating will produce anti adhesion in case of high temperature, and dust will be adsorbed in a little longer time, affecting the decorative effect. In view of this situation, Tianjin Development Zone Yinta Industrial Co., Ltd. has improved and integrated the performance of high elastic coating and lotus leaf like self-cleaning coating, so that the high elastic lotus leaf like self-cleaning coating can better meet the requirements of tensile, shear and compression tests of samples because the guide wheel between the working platform of the building external pressure testing machine and the 1 side column will also produce friction, and the wall surface decoration function, The self-cleaning property and service life of the film are improved

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