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Hangzhou simpass payment project officially opened

on April 21, the citizen card payment project supported by grip simpass officially settled in Hangzhou on March 30. China Mobile Hangzhou branch, Hangzhou citizen card Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou City pass Co., Ltd. jointly signed a cooperation agreement on Hangzhou citizen card (city pass) payment project. This is also the last breakthrough cooperation between clench and Hangzhou mobile in mobile payment

it is estimated that by July this year, 50000 simpass cards will usher Hangzhou citizens into a new era of card swiping. Hangzhou citizen card and city pass card users will no longer need to carry citizen cards and bus cards. Just carry them, and you can use them for card consumption within the scope of various citizen card applications, such as bus, bicycle rental, car refueling and parking, citizen card special merchants, etc

Hangzhou users only need to replace the original SIM card with the special grip simpass SIM card for payment, and then they can realize the application of citizen card account and city card wallet. Hangzhou citizen card is mainly used for social security, urban transportation, public services and Business Union payment, and is managed by the manufacturer of screen crushing strength tester of Hangzhou citizen card Co., Ltd; The city pass wallet is operated by Hangzhou City pass Co., Ltd. and can be mainly used for offline transactions such as public transport and merchants' card consumption. Two cards belong to two accounts

special grip simpass card for Hangzhou citizen card payment project (this figure effectively avoids faults for reference only, please refer to the real object for details)

Hangzhou payment project has two highlights: one is that users can query consumption records and balances through the menu, so as to manage their consumption and recharge in time; In addition, users can also realize the "use standard of air loading spring tension and compression testing machine", that is, through the STK menu, recharge from the spending account or through the conversion of points to the wallet of citizen card and city pass card, or transfer from the bank card, and there is no need to specify the point of recharge, which really enables recharge consumption anytime and anywhere

all the above applications are on-site payment applications. In addition, in this project, remote payment can also be carried out smoothly. By binding the number to the citizen card account, users can complete the remote payment operation of simple goods by sending text messages, WAP, client software, etc., such as ordering movie tickets, lottery tickets, takeout orders, etc. The binding of number and citizen card also allows users to obtain various information services based on citizen card applications, such as bicycle return information, bus information of merchants around bicycle points, convenience information around communities, and so on. It has a variety of application functions such as recharge, payment, query, information, etc., which improves the convenience of people's payment for food, clothing, housing and transportation

nowadays, simpass technology has the conditions for large-scale practical business. Grip simpass has carried out extensive cooperation with three major telecom operators in 16 provinces and cities across the country, such as carrying out UnionPay payment business with China Mobile in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, carrying out simpass customization projects with China Unicom Beijing Branch and Beijing all in one card, and issuing "wing cards" with Jiangsu Telecom in Nanjing, Yangzhou, etc. In 2010, Chinatelecom also listed grip simpass as one of the mobile payment technology standards on the other hand, and vigorously promoted the customization of mobile payment


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