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The six annexes of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between the mainland and Hong Kong were signed in Hong Kong on September 29, 2003. Xiang, the relevant person in charge of Guangdong publishing import and export company, said that from the content of CEPA, the signing of the annex is definitely a good opportunity for the development of Guangdong's printing industry. It echoes the goal of building Guangdong into a major cultural province and will greatly help to build an international printing center in the Pearl River Delta

From January 1, 2004, the mainland will implement zero tariff on 273 tax items of domestic products, including printing products, printing paper products and printing inks. The person in charge believes that "with the rapid development of network technology, mobile phones and the Internet, the origin of printed products in Hong Kong is not much, and few enter Guangdong. Therefore, in the field of printed products, even if Hong Kong's printed products enter the mainland market with zero tariff, it will not have an impact on the printed products market in Guangdong. The person in charge also believes that Hong Kong's printing paper products and printing ink products can enter with zero tariff, which is a good opportunity for the development of Guangdong's printing industry. Because the printing industry in Guangdong has always hoped to import raw materials such as paper products and printing inks at a relatively low price, the printing raw materials in Hong Kong, especially the scattered uneven materials, can be imported with zero tariff, which will help the printing industry in Guangdong to reduce the cost of imported raw materials. Of course, imported goods with low price and good quality will have an impact on some ink manufacturers and paper products manufacturers with poor quality, but it is good for the development of the whole printing industry in Guangdong

the biggest experience of China's development model in the past is the cheap labor force and the low-end connection with the global industrial chain. According to reports, the Pearl River Delta proposed to establish an international printing center. The person in charge believed that in order to establish an international printing center with higher requirements for the integration and efficiency of the universal tensile testing machine, the key is that our production capacity and product value should be internationally recognized. It was learned that relevant parties in Guangdong and Hong Kong are cooperating to explore the joint establishment of an international printing center

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