The hottest paper price rose three times a month

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The price of paper has risen three times a month

release date: Source: Xinhua News Agency

it was a cold winter, but the paper price showed an unusual "heat". Papermaking enterprises have sent out letters of price increase, and some paper products have raised prices frequently. Why did the price increase happen? Will the price of food, gifts and daily necessities packaged in paper rise? Would you like some paper towels? Many interviews were conducted around issues of social concern

the price of paper has increased three rounds in a month

"increase by 200/ton" "increase by 800/ton"... Recently, many paper-making enterprises have intensively issued price increase letters, generally raising the price of paper products, which has attracted much attention

"there have been three rounds of price increases since December 2020, and the price increases continue in the new year." The person in charge of a paper-making enterprise said

a small piece of paper is related to people's lives and many industries of the national economy. The most prominent recent gains are white board paper, box board paper, corrugated paper and other packaging paper and cultural paper

"since 2020, the price of white board paper has increased by about 70%. Recently, it has increased almost every week. Our downstream packaging enterprises dare not raise prices easily, and life is very sad." Cuidechen, head of Jilin Donghao packaging company, said

recently, a number of household paper enterprises also sent price increase letters. However, it is noted that the prices of roll paper and draw paper on major e-commerce platforms have not been significantly increased, discounts and promotions are still visible everywhere, and the price increases have not yet been transmitted to the retail end

a shopping guide at a large supermarket near Xuanwumen in Beijing told that the price of some household paper did rise slightly in the first half of 2020, but the price has basically remained stable recently

data shows that many stocks in the paper sector have been "red" recently. A-share from the first day of trading in 2021, which is almost the oldest art situation in the history of human civilization. In just three trading days from 1 to 6, the share prices of many paper listed companies have increased by more than 10%

what factors push up the price of paper

according to the interview, the continuous rise of paper prices is mainly caused by multiple factors such as increased market demand, rising pulp prices and reduced supply of waste paper raw materials

"from the perspective of demand, our production and life are inseparable from paper everywhere. With the improvement of the epidemic and the recovery of the industry in the second half of last year, the demand of downstream channels is strong; coupled with the recent entry into the traditional peak season, the implementation of the new version of the 'plastic limit order' has also led to a further increase in the demand for paper products." Zhao Wei, chairman of China Paper Association, said

he said that from the perspective of supply, in recent years, China has cleaned up and closed a number of small and bulk paper-making enterprises, and the industrial structure of some regions has been optimized and adjusted. For example, Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province has comprehensively vacated the traditional paper-making industry, objectively reducing supply, tightening supply and demand, and raising prices

in the view of some enterprises and industry experts, the soaring price of raw materials has brought about cost growth, which is the most direct trigger for the recent rise in paper prices

"since 2020, the melting temperature and rigidity have been relatively small; since November, 4. The machine has not been calibrated; the spot prices of all kinds of pulp have shown an upward trend, and the trading volume and prices of some categories have increased simultaneously. At the same time, after China's comprehensive ban on the import of solid waste, the supply of waste paper as a raw material has decreased, putting pressure on enterprises." Zhao Wei said

it is learned that some small and medium-sized paper enterprises even have to "compete" with large enterprises to buy pulp. A paper-making enterprise in Dongguan announced on the 5th that due to the reduction of imported raw materials, it had to suspend the production of a kind of kraft linerboard recently

will the price of household paper be affected

according to the analysis of insiders, as the international commodity prices are rising, the pulp futures price is still high, which indicates that there is bullish sentiment in the market, and the rise in the price of raw paper may continue for several months

"enterprises cannot absorb the rising costs, which are bound to be transmitted to the downstream. For example, the increased costs of packaging boxes will still be added to the prices of food, gifts and daily necessities, and consumers will pay." A packaging enterprise official said

will the price of household paper, which people are most concerned about, rise sharply? "With China's paper production capacity, there is no problem in ensuring supply, and there is no need to rush to buy paper." Zhao Wei said

there are many kinds of household paper brands in China, and the competition is fierce, which has restrained the growth of retail prices to a certain extent. Some small factories have small inventories of raw materials and weak pressure bearing capacity. Recently, they have slightly increased the ex factory price of products, but it will take time for them to be transmitted to consumers through wholesalers and retailers, and the price rise of single products is not significant

Zhongshun jierou Paper Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic household paper manufacturer. Zhou Qichao, deputy general manager of the company, said that due to sufficient raw material inventory, the rise in pulp prices in recent months has not affected the company's production costs, and the appreciation of the RMB has also hedged the rise in the price of some imported pulp, so what are the important factors for the company's temporary lack of performance and accuracy

Zhou Qichao said that if the pulp price continues to rise, the company's products will not rule out price increases in the future. However, the price of household paper is low. Even if the price rises by more than 10%, for ordinary consumers, the price rise of a roll of paper may be less than 1, and the feeling should not be too obvious

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