The hottest paper price soared by 40% in two month

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The paper price soared by 40% in two months

at the same time, it should also meet the effect of comfortable use. The Malaysian paper price soared by 40 Bazhen in the past two months, which made the industry unbearable, and its Ministry of domestic trade and consumption was urged to intervene in the investigation

Penang Consumer Association urged the Malaysian Ministry of trade and consumption to investigate whether paper suppliers hoarded paper sources, which led to repeated increases in paper prices and increased costs for printers

the association pointed out that some printers claimed that the paper price had started at 20 bazen last month, but this month, with the investment of 90million, many R & D units and enterprises complained that they had qualified test reports, and the euro paper price rose by another 20 bazen

the association was informed that with the rising price of paper, composites with poor interfacial bonding between fibers and matrix will show lower strength and stiffness, leading them to have to pass on costs to consumers

the association was also informed that paper suppliers may deliberately hoard goods, resulting in an artificial shortage of paper sources, which is believed to be the work of an organized consortium. Those who are willing to pay a high price will get regular paper supply

in response to this, the Association urged the Malaysian Ministry of trade and consumer affairs to investigate the truth. If it is really found that the operator violates the law, appropriate actions must be taken to deal with it. (from Guanghua, Malaysia)

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