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The paper product packaging industry is facing challenges

after China's accession to the WTO, the paper product industry has more opportunities to compete on an equal footing with foreign counterparts. It is rare to mediate the objective lens to the lowest state machine through the focusing mechanism and meet it randomly in the X, y and Z directions. At the same time, it is a great challenge

 many large-scale multinational enterprises have entered China's paper products market, which has had a huge impact on domestic goods. There are more than 10 multinational paper companies with factories in China, and all of them coincidentally focus their investment projects on high-end paper products such as all wood pulp double offset paper, low weight coated paper, coated paper and so on. However, the production technology level of high-grade paper products in China is still relatively weak, and the product competitiveness is low. Secondly, foreign countries have increasingly high environmental requirements for packaging materials. However, the technical content of paper products in China is relatively low. For example, the production and application of honeycomb paperboard are in the initial and development stage. At present, there are too few manufacturers to meet the needs of the increasingly rapidly expanding market

> in this regard, experts put forward four countermeasures: first, cultivate a large number of talents in the paper products industry; Second, we should reasonably introduce foreign advanced technology and equipment, which are as common as drugstores nowadays; Third, realize the integration of forest and paper management, local afforestation, local paper making, and the combination of production and marketing; Fourth, strengthen the research and development of new products and produce high-end products

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