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After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee in 1978, under the guidance of the party's reform and opening-up policies, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly, and the development of paper packaging, especially the carton industry, is more remarkable. The rapid development of the carton industry is directly related to the hard work and continuous development of the carton branch. At the time when the China Packaging Association is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary, metal matrix composites have good toughness. 7. The characteristics of fillers required in actual utilization: the history of the carton branch in the past 20 years in the tide of reform and opening up is of great significance to guide and promote the development of future industry work

the history of the carton branch of the paper products packaging Committee of China Packaging Association can be traced back to 1979. In April of this year, the then Tianjin foreign trade carton factory, Beijing carton factory, Wuhan corrugated carton factory, Shanghai carton factory No. 1, Guangzhou carton factory and Qingdao carton factory held a preparatory meeting in Wuhan, which was later called the "six factory meeting". In October, 1981, the first annual meeting was held in Tianjin. At that time, it was called "paper container cooperation group meeting". It was not until the annual meeting held in Foshan, Guangdong Province in 1987 that it was officially called "carton sub meeting"

from the first annual meeting to now, the carton branch has experienced 20 years of ups and downs, and the number of member units has increased from the initial 6 to 90. Over the past 20 years, the hard work of the branch has changed the situation that the production of China's carton industry has developed at will, the management is difficult to form a system, and the mutual information is ineffective, enhanced the cohesion of the industry, formed a relatively close group with industry characteristics, and made China's carton packaging industry move forward at an unprecedented speed

in terms of technical equipment, there were only three paperboard production lines in China in the 1970s. Since the 1980s, most enterprises began to carry out technological transformation. The number of paperboard production lines increased from 18 in 1980 to 181 in 1990, of which 113 were introduced from the United States, Japan, Italy and other countries. In the past ten years, domestic production lines have gradually matured, and the trend of national online is rapid. In the past ten years, about 100 production lines have been added every year. According to incomplete statistics, there are now more than 1300 domestic cardboard production lines, and the output of cartons has ranked among the top in the world. With the transformation of equipment, the development speed of new products has been significantly accelerated, and most manufacturers have adopted modern management methods. The development trend of carton packaging has begun to shift from light industry to heavy industry, from high-end complex packaging with simple packaging to paper instead of leather, paper instead of wood, and paper instead of metal. The huge economic and social benefits created are difficult to estimate

over the past 20 years, under the leadership of China Packaging Association and paper products packaging Committee, the carton branch has done a lot of work in strengthening industry coordination and promoting industry development, and has played an important role

the carton industry is still a new industry in China. In the past, it remained at the workshop production level for a long time, and there was neither a model nor standard operating procedures. After the establishment of the carton branch in the early 1980s, it has organized Northern Enterprises to study in the south for many times, and southern enterprises to learn from northern enterprises to complement each other. Through mutual learning and exchange between enterprises, continuous improvement and improvement have gradually formed production operation procedures and process procedures, thus improving enterprise management. After the establishment of the branch, due to the exchange of information between enterprises and the strengthening of information exchange, each carton factory can timely grasp the good and bad situation of which manufacturer's paper. In terms of the introduction of equipment, the exchange of information between enterprises has made the quality reliable and the price reasonable, saving foreign exchange for the country and funds for enterprises

9d, the pressure stabilizing spring in the oil delivery valve is too small; In the early 1990s, in order to cooperate with the Ministry of light industry in formulating product quality standards, the branch organized six major factories to provide cartons for physical verification. For this purpose, it donated a lot of manpower and material resources, traveled to many provinces and cities, and conducted a lot of thorough investigation and research, which played a positive role in improving product quality, decoration design, and box structure. In 1992, it also specially organized the revision of national standards and put forward a nationally recognized plan, which played a due role in stabilizing and improving the quality of domestic carton packaging

over the years, the members of the carton branch have strengthened communication, exchanges and mutual support, which can help each other in case of difficulties. In terms of providing spare parts, some member factories, even if there is only one in the warehouse, will unreservedly give it to others to use first. Other manufacturers, in the case of insufficient technical strength, still draw manpower to help brother factories relocate and install equipment, which fully reflects the spirit of unity, cooperation and mutual friendship between member factories

after the establishment of the carton branch, with the expansion and continuous development of the scale, several groups such as equipment management group, quality evaluation group and management group have also been established. The equipment management group was established at the 1986 Xiamen annual meeting. At that time, it was necessary to organize the existing technical forces of the carton factory, make use of their respective advantages, and gradually solve the problem of localization of spare parts while digesting and absorbing the imported production lines. In addition, it also provides services for member factories and assists in the installation and commissioning of equipment. For more than ten years, the equipment management group has made remarkable achievements in its work. It has successively installed and debugged nearly ten carton production lines, all of which were successful in one trial run, saving a lot of money and time for member factories. Especially in the localization of imported parts, great breakthroughs have also been made

cotton conveyor belt is an important part of the imported production line, and its service life is only 2 years. In order to solve the localization problem as soon as possible, the deputy leader of equipment management and the leader of Foshan carton packaging material factory attached great importance to it, and sent professional technicians to Shanghai, Shenyang and other places to personally provide the manufacturers of canvas belts with main technical parameters, jointly study and formulate plans, and carry out production in both places at the same time. Through the joint efforts of both sides, the first domestic 53.5m * 1.6m * 10ml large cotton conveyor belt was born. Foshan packaging factory took the initiative to undertake the trial task, which cost tens of thousands of yuan. After use, it is finally determined that the main technical indicators of cotton ribbon produced by Shenyang Fuli coated strip factory are close to imported products, thus solving problems for the industry. For more than a decade, with the strong support and cooperation of many member factories and the cooperation of domestic carton machinery manufacturers, the equipment management group has successively solved the localization problems of various types of corrugated rollers, large sail cloth belts, harmonic drive gears, automatic control system of crosscutting knives and other major spare parts, and its quality basically meets the technical indicators of imported products

the quality evaluation group is also a group with more active activities in the branch, which is divided into South China, southwest and northwest. They are serious, serious, responsible and fair in their work. Every evaluation is carried out by Tianjin foreign trade carton factory for physical index testing. Through the evaluation, the total score is given and the top three products are evaluated. Although it is an internal evaluation, it has played a positive role in improving the quality of cartons

the management team also carried out many activities with the continuous reform process of the country. They formulated, modified and exchanged national standards when the country engaged in enterprise upgrading. When the paper was very tight, they organized a meeting on supply and demand in Qingdao and put forward the requirements of the paperboard assembly line for paper. In 1998, a seminar on ISO9000 quality system certification and product quality certification was held in Changzhou. Every activity and every meeting made each factory gain more. The introduction of advanced experience by successful enterprises can make other enterprises less detours, so as to learn from each other and improve together

as an industry association, the activities of each group have successfully provided a good collaborative environment for the development of the industry

in the past 20 years, the carton branch has been growing in the reform. They have formulated the articles of association, elected the director member factory, and completed various tasks assigned by the China Packaging Association. The branch is enthusiastic about serving enterprises. Nike has been recognized as the enterprise that uses the most recycled polyester materials in the industry for four consecutive years, seriously reflecting the wishes of enterprises and promoting horizontal contacts. In recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition, a lot of work has been done in stopping the disorderly braking of prices and protecting the overall interests of the industry, and the successful experience of centralized board making and decentralized box making in some regions has been promoted within the industry. The branch carries out some activities with substantial content and obvious benefits every year, which expands the influence of the carton industry and improves the position of the industry. Although as a peer, every member factory can regard the development of the industry as the overall situation, ignore the part and consider the general, and enhance the cohesion of the industry

with the continuous development of market economy, they are determined to work harder, unite more large and medium-sized enterprises in the industry around them, strengthen industry communication, promote mutual cooperation and promote common development; We should strengthen the cohesion and influence of the branch, stop the unfair competition of some enterprises with excessive quality and price through practical and effective work, protect the overall interests of the industry, and enter the 21st century with a new look

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