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The sharp rise of pulp forced the paper price to rise to the fastest record in five years

the price of raw materials is soaring, and newspapers urgently need to raise prices to hedge costs. The soaring pulp has forced Luoyang paper to be expensive

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the price of books has risen, the price of paper towels has risen, and even the price of diapers has increased. A round of rapid price rise of paper raw materials has affected every field of the paper industry. The data shows that at present, the price of domestic household paper has increased by about 10%, the price of cultural paper has increased by 30%, and the price of packaging paper has increased by about 30%. Among them, paper soared from 4850 yuan/ton in January this year to 5450 yuan/ton in March, equivalent to a rise of 200 yuan per ton in January, the fastest increase in five years. Under the heavy pressure, the paper industry struggled with losses, and even endangered the cultural consumption demand of the masses. The paper media industry had to raise prices to save itself

it doesn't work to bring a million dollars in cash now. I won't give you a small amount

on March 27, Wang Li, who was ordering paper in Longkou, Shandong Province, told me with slight dissatisfaction

Wang Li is the director of the book business department of a publishing house in Beijing and a well-known publisher. He once introduced cute Taobao into China and blew the Korean wave whirlwind. He has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry

this time, she didn't expect that the price rise of the paper industry was so rapid that it would be difficult to get paper if it weren't for long-term customers

book publishing paper rose by 1000 yuan per ton

the data shows that the price of book paper has soared since last October, with light paper rising from 5800 yuan/ton 6100 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year to 6900 yuan/ton 7100 yuan/ton now

Wang Li is a publisher of best-selling books. The volume of books published is not large, but the printing volume is very large. Generally, each book sells more than 100000 copies, and each book of cute Taos series sells more than 400000 copies. The paper used for publishing every year is at least hundreds of tons, and seven or eight million paper money a year. Wang Li calculated roughly

in the past, credit was allowed. The printing factory paid the paper money in advance, and the payment was settled three months after the book was published. However, last year, it remained sensitive and reliable, and it didn't work in the second half of the year. Many publishers had to bring cash to buy paper before the printing factory started

according to the data, the price of book paper has soared since last October. Light paper has risen from 5800 yuan/ton to 6100 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year to 6900 yuan/ton and 7100 yuan/ton now. Now when we arrive at the paper mill, they say that every 1 Check whether the plastic material in the barrel is correct. The ton will rise by hundreds of yuan, and even hope to cancel the paper supply list

according to the news from some publishing houses and publishers in Beijing, due to the shortage of paper, there were 45 books a month before, but now there are oneortwo books a month. Previously, the people's Literature Publishing House wanted to print the first 1million copies of the seventh book of Harry Potter. Due to the large volume and high price, the president personally went to the paper mill to coordinate the publication of paper, which is also rare in the publishing industry. A publishing industry source told that many publishers have begun to reduce the number of printing, and instead increase pricing or reduce sales discounts

Wang Li told that taking coated paper as an example, the cost per ton has increased from 6400 yuan last year to 7500 yuan this year, and the cost of paper alone has increased by more than 10%. Books are generally wholesale at 50% discount, so only a 20% increase in the price of books can resolve the cost pressure of paper price increases

in the face of rising prices, paper mills are not optimistic. Wood pulp has risen from 4000 yuan/ton last year to 5800 yuan/ton now, an increase of 1800 yuan. At present, the price of ex factory paper has only increased by sevenoreight hundred yuan. We would rather produce less. A Shandong paper mill owner told that Shandong paper mills radiate across the country. This time, the country has closed 1000 paper mills with small and medium-sized production capacity

in fact, the one-time payment may not be able to get the paper. We pay the money to the paper mill account 20 days in advance. Even if we get to the paper mill to get the paper, we have to queue up. Wang Li, who used to be able to get paper by hand, also had to be surprised by the change in the price rise of raw materials. It was not that old customers did not give it, short-term customers did not necessarily buy it by raising prices, and users with small quantities were even asked to refund

paper rose the most in five years

in January this year, the price of paper reached 4850 yuan per ton, while in March, the price of 47 grams of paper reached 5450 yuan per ton, the fastest increase in nearly five years

like book publishing, it is the newspaper media with large demand for paper products. Compared with the long cycle of book publishing, the publishing production of newspapers has been hit hard by the rise in the price of paper raw materials

data show that affected by the rise in pulp prices in the international market, domestic paper prices have risen sharply since the fourth quarter of last year.

at present, the price per ton has broken through 5300 yuan, up to 5500 yuan, while in the third quarter of 2007, it was 4400 yuan and 4500 yuan per ton, an increase of more than 20%

since 2007, the international and domestic waste paper prices have continued to rise, and the prices of raw and auxiliary materials, coal, water, electricity and other resources have risen all the way. Although we have done a lot of work on internal potential tapping, energy conservation and consumption reduction, it is still unbearable. After careful study, the company decided to increase its paper price to 5000 yuan/ton since March 1, 2008

this is the price adjustment notice letter received by several units in Hebei Province recently, and newspapers and publishing houses across the country have also received similar price adjustment letters from cooperative paper mills one after another, and the price of paper has been raised

according to Fang Xuedong, general manager of the material supply department of Yunnan newspaper group and the printing materials company, the price of paper has been raised since last July, when 48 grams of paper reached 4600 yuan per ton, and this data has been constantly updated upward. In January this year, the price of paper reached 4850 yuan per ton, while in March, the price of 47 grams of paper reached 5450 yuan per ton, the fastest increase in nearly five years

behind the continuous rise in the price of paper is the serious losses of the newspaper. According to the Chinese Newspaper Association, the cost of paper accounts for about 60% - 70% of the production cost of newspapers. The continuous rise of paper prices has brought great pressure to the domestic newspaper industry

according to insiders, taking Wuhan media, which is famous for the competition in the newspaper industry, as an example, for more than a decade, all newspapers in Jiangcheng have basically adhered to the retail price of 0.5 yuan per copy. Taking 48 editions as the standard, the minimum printing cost of each newspaper is about 1 yuan. Plus the editing and distribution costs, the cost of each newspaper is about 1.4 yuan, while the retail price is only 0.5 yuan. In other words, every time you sell a newspaper, you will lose 0.9 yuan, which brings great pain to the development of newspapers

According to a researcher, magazines and weekly newspapers raised retail prices last year, while some urban paper media are still struggling between price increases and losses

facing the rising cost of the paper industry, the price rise of the industry has also begun to become a measure that some media cannot do

from March 10 this year, 11. Why should we implement the "Internet +" new material action? The retail price of four metropolis newspapers in Nanjing market increased by 40% to 0.7 yuan/copy. The newspapers that raised the price were "Modern Express", "Yangtze Evening News", "Jinling Evening News" and "Nanjing Morning Post", and the original retail price was 0.5 yuan. Nanjing has thus become the first area in China where newspapers collectively raise prices

previously, I visited Shenzhen in early March and bought a copy of "Southern Metropolis Daily" priced at 2 yuan. The newspaper seller told that since November 1 last year, "Southern Metropolis Daily" has raised its retail price in the Shenzhen market from 1 yuan to 2 yuan per copy, making it the most expensive metropolis daily in China

but there is also a risk of distribution behind the price increase. The newspaper seller of Southern Metropolis Daily once told that because the price doubled, the newspaper's sales were affected, and even had to pick up a bus to sell newspapers at 9 p.m

even so, many weekly magazines have quietly stepped into the ranks of price increases. Caijing magazine raised its price from 10 yuan last year to 15 yuan this year; Sanlian Life Weekly increased from 8 yuan last year to 10 yuan this year; The revised "fortune times" has increased from 2 yuan to 5 yuan now; The Economic Observer also increased from 2 yuan last year to 3 yuan now. Last year, magazines with less than 8 yuan basically jumped to 10 yuan, and weekly newspapers basically rose from oneortwo yuan to three yuan. However, some urban paper media are still struggling between price hikes and losses. A researcher from Communication University of China told me

in the face of such a dilemma, many publishing houses also said that they would increase the price of books by one or two yuan, reduce the price increase and sales volume, and finally the high priced books hurt the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, especially those elderly groups who are not up to it. Wang Li also said that online publishing has occupied the living space of traditional publishing, and now the rise in the price of raw materials will bring freezing to the industry, so we can only take advantage of the situation

Huicong Media Research Center believes that although electronic universal experimental machines and hydraulic universal experimental machines do not have such buttons, given that the current price of newspapers is far lower than its cost, it will become a trend for newspapers to raise prices in the future

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