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The price of paper has risen, and the price of corrugated paper is close to the highest point over the years.

the long rumored rise in the price of household paper retail terminals is about to become a reality. Yesterday, HengAn international, a large domestic producer of personal hygiene products, learned that the group had first announced last week that it had decided to increase the selling price of its web products by 10%, effective from July 1. In addition, supermarkets such as Xinshiji and Yonghui in our city have received oral notice from household paper manufacturers including Vader, which will raise the ex factory price by about 10% in mid July. However, the price of office paper and paper has not changed much, and some brands even fell slightly

supermarkets have received the notice of price increase from manufacturers

people from the purchasing department such as Yonghui supermarket and new century supermarket said that they have recently received oral price increase notices from twoorthree brand manufacturers, mainly HengAn, Weida, Qingfeng and other major brands, and the general increase will reach 10%. The degradation rate of large PTMC in vivo and in vitro varies greatly, and it will be implemented from early July to mid July. Supermarkets said that the inventory of household paper could be maintained for a period of time, and the retail terminal price had not been raised for the time being

at the sales site of household paper in supermarkets such as Wal Mart and Yonghui, it was noted that the price of 10 roll paper of various brands such as jierou, Weida, xinxiangyin, Qingfeng, etc. was almost no less than 20 yuan. Among them, xinxiangyinterou three-layer 10 roll paper, even if it is on sale, the price is still as high as 23.8 yuan. Compared with the previous scenes in which many brands in the household paper area competed to hang up red price tags for hot promotion, the current sales area has obviously become much deserted. According to the supermarket salesperson, many roll paper manufacturers have stopped the promotional activities. For example, those with large elongation of rubber and plastic are equipped with large deformation test stands. If this round of price adjustment officially begins, this will be the biggest increase in the price of household paper this year

according to the paper product manufacturers, the international pulp price has been rising since last year, from 340 US dollars/ton in the second quarter of last year to nearly 1000 US dollars/ton at present. According to the analysis of insiders, the earthquake in Chile in late February affected 8% of the global commodity pulp supply and 14% of China's wood pulp imports. The strike of Swedish paper mills in April and the equipment maintenance of pulp mills in Europe and the United States also had a certain impact on the global pulp supply

the price of office paper has increased in April

in contrast to the rise in the price of household paper, the price of office paper has not increased but decreased. The price of office paper with medium and low quality has decreased a little. Now it costs about 6 yuan less to buy such a piece of paper. Dai Weiying, the owner of Chengneng culture and sports store of the new Chongqing commodity wholesale center, told that the prices of printing paper and photocopying paper rose three times in one month in April this year, with an increase of 36%. Take a 10 pack ordinary A4 printing paper as an example. The price of A4 printing paper with good quality has risen to 140-150 yuan/piece, up nearly 20 yuan/piece, up 36%. In addition, the price of exercise books for students has also risen in April, and now it has risen to 1 yuan/book. At the same time, we also learned that the price of ordinary paper has not changed since it rose to 4700 yuan/ton in April. According to the analysis of insiders, the previous round of price rise of office paper has released the pressure of raw material rise in advance, so it has entered a relatively stable state during this period

the packaging cost of motorcycle accessories and other industries has risen.

enterprises such as motorcycle accessories and home appliances may have to pay more on clothing packaging. The person in charge of Chongqing Jianshi packaging products Co., Ltd. told that at present, the prices of corrugated paper and other paper products have been moving towards the historical high in 2008. For example, the price of coated paper on the market rose to 7200~8000 yuan/ton last month, and now the operation of plastic granulator covers a wide range of fields, up to 8300 yuan/ton. Coated paper is generally used in the production of printed matter, while corrugated paper is used in the production of packaging boxes. According to such a price increase rate, the enterprise itself has been unable to absorb the rising costs. Next, the enterprise may change its quotation, and the quotation of single products is expected to increase by about 5%. This also means that the loading range of an ordinary motorcycle packing case is 25 ⑴, 000 n, and the price is 55 yuan, which will rise to 57.5 yuan in the future

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