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On March 27, the ex factory price of corrugated paper in many places exceeded the 5000/ton mark, and many paper mills raised the ex factory price, with a daily increase of more than 5%. In addition, double offset paper, tracing paper, etc. have increased significantly recently. Many enterprises such as Minfeng special paper have increased tracing paper products by 1000/ton since March 26. According to relevant standards, the amount of foreign waste was significantly reduced by 75.35% compared with the same period in 2017, resulting in a sharp rise in raw materials. In addition, the monthly increase of international pulp is more than us/ton, and the recent increase of titanium dioxide and other auxiliary materials is large. The superposition of the above factors makes the paper price rise sharply

substantial price rise

recently, paper prices have increased significantly. According to statistics, since late March, more than 30 cardboard factories have announced an increase in ex factory prices. On March 27, Changsha Liyong paper products packaging Co., Ltd., Wuhan yadu packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Wuhan Longfa Packaging Co., Ltd. and Hubei Evergrande Packaging Co., Ltd. raised the price of paperboard by 5% to 6%. Dongguan Honglong and other packaging companies announced the suspension of orders. On March 27, the quotation of corrugated paper in many regions exceeded 5000/ton. You can call the relevant person in charge of DuPont, of which the ex factory price of Dongguan jiulong-a 75g is 5000/ton; The ex factory price of Jiangsu Liwen 60g corrugated paper is 5020/ton; Shandong century sunshine g corrugated paper leaves the factory on May 9, 2019 at a price of 5150/ton

in terms of special paper, double offset paper, tracing paper, electrostatic copy base paper and other varieties have increased significantly. From April 1, the price (including tax) of Asia Pacific Senbo's double offset paper and electrostatic copying base paper products will be increased by 200/ton. Minfeng special paper will increase the drawing products by 1000/ton from March 26. From March 26, the price of tracing paper base paper of Wuxi shangrui paper industry increased by 1000/ton, and the tracing paper products increased by 1000/ton. In terms of quotation, the price of double offset paper is about 8000/ton, and some regions exceed 8500/ton. Take Suzhou jinhuasheng as an example, the latest quotation of the company on March 27 was 8600/ton

analysts said that the rise in the price of multi category paper was mainly related to the rise in raw materials. According to the data published by the Ministry of environmental protection, 68 enterprises in the first eight batches in 2018 were approved to import a total of 6.7342 million tons of waste paper, a significant decrease of 75.35% compared with the same period in 2017. In addition, since March, the prices of international coniferous pulp and broad-leaved pulp have increased by us/ton. Auxiliary materials have also increased significantly. Taking titanium dioxide as an example, it has been rising since March, further raising the production cost of paper mills

it is expected to maintain

for the future trend of paper prices, Huayin carton said that the price of domestic waste in 2018 will continue to be strictly affected by the management of foreign waste import quotas, and the price center of domestic waste is expected to rise, but there is little possibility of a "roller coaster" market similar to 2017, and the price of domestic waste is expected to be within the range of/ton. Driven by the continuous price of waste paper, the price of corrugated box board will also continue to remain high

according to the Research Report of Zhongtai securities, the concentration of the paper industry further increased in 2018. Among them, the concentration of copper paper is as high as 95%, and the concentration of double offset paper is also more than 60%. The leading synergy is significant. On the supply side, there is no new production capacity of coated paper before 2020, and the new production capacity of double offset paper is concentrated in leading papermaking companies. Due to strict environmental protection approval, the release of new production capacity is significantly lower than expected. In the future, wood pulp resource endowment will be more prominent, and leading enterprises will benefit significantly

while the rise in paper prices has brought rich performance to leading paper enterprises, the profits of downstream packaging enterprises have been affected. According to Baichuan information, the national average price of corrugated paper was 4072/ton in 2017, up 51% from 2697/ton in 2016. At present, the latest quotation of corrugated paper has exceeded 5000/ton, which has a great impact on the profits of downstream enterprises. Take Zhongxing mushroom industry as an example, the company achieved an operating revenue of 740million in 2017, an increase of 26.46% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 142million, a year-on-year decrease of 10.24%. The decline in performance was mainly due to the fact that during the reporting period, in order to meet the market demand, the company changed the original large packaging method to medium packaging method. Due to the impact of environmental protection factors or when the valve tip and hole are not tightly closed, the cost of the paper industry has increased, resulting in an increase in the unit packaging cost of edible fungi

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