China's machinery exports to Russia catch up with

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China's machinery exports to Russia catch up with the annual export surge of "made in Germany" by 70%

China's machinery exports to Russia have rapidly improved people's living standards, catching up with the annual export surge of "made in Germany" by 70%

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German machinery manufacturing industry association (VDMA) in Frankfurt said on April 11 that according to the statistical data of the association, In 2016, China exported machinery casting and equipment worth about 4.9 billion euros to Russia, while German machinery manufacturers exported about 4.4 billion euros last year

according to the news of Deutsche Welle radio station on April 12, Chinese suppliers currently have obvious advantages in the issue of exports to Russia. Monica horagher, an expert of the machinery manufacturing industry association who studies the Russian market, said that on this issue, China does not need to consider sanctions, and obtains economic benefits by providing loans to Russia

statistics show that among the machinery exporters made in Germany, Russia has dropped from the original 4th place to 11th place. Since 2012, German exports to Russia have been reduced by more than half

overall, the total export of China's machinery in 2016 was 13, which was still a new topic of 2.2 billion euros, up 3.9% year-on-year. China's exports to EU countries increased by only 0.4%. While exports to emerging countries have decreased significantly, Huang Rongxun has been looking for opportunities to enter the field of new materials in recent years

expert Monica horagher said that China's machinery exports to Brazil fell by 31% last year, while exports to Saudi Arabia fell by 27.4%

it is reported that, by contrast, China's annual export to Russia has increased by an astonishing 70.3%. This shows that after the western countries imposed sanctions on Russia, China has given full play to an unexpected market space. However, it is worth noting that last year's jump growth was achieved on the basis of a 23% decline in 2015

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