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Pharmaceutical companies shut down and renovate spray drying equipment enterprises to help pharmaceutical companies "Jedi survive"

in 2018, the rectification storm of the pharmaceutical industry has not stopped, including drug quality supervision, drug safety rectification, environmental protection supervision, pharmaceutical anti-corruption, etc. Among them, the intensity of environmental protection supervision is increasing. Driven by the national environmental protection policy, the treatment of medical pollution in provinces and cities is becoming more and more strict

the author learned that Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other provinces and cities have carried out the elimination and remediation of "messy and dirty" pharmaceutical enterprises. The number of enterprises eliminated, renovated and shut down in various provinces and cities is still rising. Industry insiders predict that in the future, the environmental storm in the pharmaceutical industry will continue, and the tide of pharmaceutical factory closures and remediation is coming

under the background of higher and stricter national environmental protection requirements for the pharmaceutical industry, what can pharmaceutical equipment enterprises do to help pharmaceutical enterprises alleviate the pressure of environmental protection? The industry believes that when it comes to environmental protection, what pharmaceutical equipment enterprises can do is to provide energy-saving, green and environmental protection equipment products for pharmaceutical enterprises. The cliche is nothing more than innovative technology. However, this is precisely what many pharmaceutical equipment enterprises lack

take spray drying equipment as an example. Although the spray drying equipment has no dust problems in the production process, it is easy to produce dust at the product outlet. In addition, the low application rate of thermal efficiency of spray drying equipment is also a major problem. It is reported that the general inlet temperature is about 150 ° C to 250 ° C, and the outlet temperature after atomization drying is between 60 ° C and 100 ° C. most of the heat energy is not fully utilized

the author learned that at present, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises have effectively alleviated the dust problem at the outlet of spray drying equipment through technological research and development. It is reported that the spray drying equipment developed by the enterprise has low emissions, and the emissions are treated through high-efficiency filters. p>

after drying, put the powder in a sealed container and leave the system to avoid the risk of dust in the discharge area. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with a condenser to condense and collect the evaporated water, and the air is recycled to the inlet of the drying equipment. As an additional safety measure, equipment enterprises also provide personnel with protective clothing and clean oxygen supply

in terms of heat energy utilization, spray drying equipment enterprises have also made relevant efforts. For example, some enterprises make the technical status of equipment reach the requirements of rules and equipment standards in detail, and the industry alleviates the phenomenon of low thermal efficiency of equipment by configuring waste heat recovery devices, increasing the utilization rate of heat energy of equipment. However, some experts said that the low thermal efficiency of spray drying equipment still plagues pharmaceutical enterprises, and pharmaceutical equipment enterprises need to strengthen research and development on the road of energy conservation and environmental protection

the industry has predicted that a large number of pharmaceutical enterprises will close down due to environmental pressure in 2018, which is exactly the case. According to the provisions of the environmental protection tax law, the environmental protection tax will be all local income, and the central government will no longer participate in the sharing, which further encourages the local government Zhong Huaining to introduce the driving force for environmental governance. In this case, the challenges faced by pharmaceutical enterprises will further increase

therefore, in order to provide pharmaceutical enterprises with green and environmentally friendly equipment products, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises need to take an economical development path and build a green and safe production environment for pharmaceutical enterprises with technological innovation. Taking spray drying equipment as an example, at present, the proportion of drying energy consumption in China's total industrial energy consumption is almost twice that of the UK. In the future, drying equipment enterprises should further seek energy-saving technology upgrading

drying equipment experts said that China's drying equipment should follow the path of economical development, carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technical transformation, and can only use the "skylight" time at night for construction, and vigorously develop the drying technology using renewable clean energy and industrial waste heat. We should implement the development strategy of efficient and green drying, change the single extensive drying into combined and intelligent drying, carry out fundamental drying from the drying process, and comprehensively and multilayered energy-saving technological transformation, so as to contribute to the green and environmental protection development of more pharmaceutical enterprises

under the combination of soaring environmental protection costs and tighter regulation, it will be inevitable to eliminate old, old and backward production enterprises. Some experts believe that it is inevitable for some pharmaceutical enterprises to stop production or even eliminate them. In addition to responding to environmental protection policies with practical actions, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises should also provide green consumption reducing equipment for pharmaceutical enterprises through innovative technology

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