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Light reflection multilayer reflective plastic composite rainbow film

multilayer reflective plastic composite rainbow film is a plastic composite film that melts and extrudes two or more resins with different refractive indices and superimposes them at intervals of more than 100 layers, each layer of which is only a few hundred nanometers thick. In other words, everyone can come to our factory to visit. The thickness of each layer of film is equivalent to the light wavelength of the light to be reflected. The thickness of 200 multilayer film is 0.02mm. When visible light passes through the interface of each layer, weak reflection and interference will occur. If the thickness of each layer of our 100 multilayer film is basically the same, the reflected light wavelength of each layer will be the same, resulting in superposition. Positive interference will make the composite film show colorful rainbow effects. The multi-layer composite plastic rainbow film prepared from this raw material, which has high technical content and high added value when expressing opinions, is a popular high-end decorative material in recent years, and is widely used in packaging, printing and other fields indicated by the relevant person in charge of the national development and Reform Commission. This production technology has been monopolized by only three companies in the world, and China has been relying on imports

after several years of research and development, the Institute of light industrial plastic processing and application has successively completed the design and research of interlayer optical structure, lamination process, equipment design and experimental research of multilayer films. We have completed a series of technical problems from laboratory tests to industrial scale-up of production lines, successfully solved the design and processing transformation of key components, molds and production lines in the preparation of rainbow films, and completed the formulation design of structural layer polymer materials, the process control of multi-layer smooth flow of different materials, as well as a series of key technologies for producing uniform products, And formed a rainbow film processing technology with independent intellectual property rights

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