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Push new energy for development Sany Heavy industry occupies the LNG commanding height

push new energy for development Sany Heavy industry occupies the LNG commanding height

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the construction machinery market was still low in 2014. In order to seek a breakthrough, industry enterprises have increased product upgrading and innovation in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, in order to occupy a new commanding height. Taking the substitution of new energy for traditional diesel oil as an example, Sany Heavy Industry, a construction machinery giant, launched a LNG (liquefied natural gas) environmental friendly mixer this year, creating a bright spot for the construction machinery market with mediocre performance, which is expected to become a new profit growth point for enterprises

technological innovation LNG mixer is a popular product promoted by SANY this year. It was officially launched in May and held its first national press conference in Shenzhen, attracting the attention of the industry. Since then, a total of 37 regional press conferences have swept Guangdong, Shandong, Anhui and other places. Relevant data show that the final transaction volume in Shenzhen is nearly 300, 60 in Shandong and 30 in Anhui. A large number of LNG mixers were delivered to customers at each press conference

lng is liquefied natural gas, which is a high-quality new energy known by the public in recent years. The energy is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, high calorific value, stable combustion, clean and environmental protection. Due to technology, fuel supply and other reasons, it is only used in the field of automobiles and foreign transportation ships. Sany is the first enterprise to introduce LNG into the field of construction machinery

as early as 2011, Sany started the development of LNG mixer truck, and they believed that LNG new energy products would be the direction of the future market. In September, 2012, after the first LNG mixer truck of Sany went offline, the company spent more than a year to upgrade its technology before officially bringing it to the market. The volume of the gas cylinder selected for this product is the largest among the domestic mixer trucks with the same volume, and the vacuum insulation performance ranks first in China. Compared with the diesel mixer truck with the same power, the fuel cost per kilometer is saved by 30% - 35%

based on the accumulation of innovation and technology, Sany also took the lead in launching the first LNG excavator and stacker, and the market also gave a positive response

the mature market may trigger an energy revolution in the industry.

the hot sale of Sany LNG products is not surprising to the outside world. The national 12th Five year plan clearly states that we should adhere to reducing the intensity of energy consumption, reducing the total emission of major pollutants, reasonably controlling the total amount of energy consumption, and forming a forced mechanism to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development. With the continuous consideration of technological progress and national policy support, it will be found that the accelerated development path of new energy in China has been preliminarily clear

however, despite the promising prospect, many customers have raised doubts about the practical application of LNG products. On the one hand, the price of LNG mixer truck is higher than that of diesel truck. For the purchaser, although the cost will be saved in the process of use, the initial purchase cost will be higher. On the other hand, although the pace of construction of LNG filling stations has been very fast, there is still a gap compared with the convenience of adding gasoline or diesel

in this regard, Zhou Wanchun, vice president of Sany Heavy Industry, said that the added value brought by LNG mixers to customers will be much higher than their purchase cost, and they have long considered the problem of difficult gas filling

The frequency and amplitude control principle of 2D excitation valve

in 2013, Sany Shengneng Equipment Co., Ltd., which has been preparing for a long time if the machine is equipped with a computer, came into being, specializing in the transportation and station construction of new energy related supporting equipment. On the day of product launch this year, Sany signed an agreement with CNOOC gas and power group to solve the problem of customers' difficulty in using gas through "tripartite cooperation". Liupengfei, deputy general manager of transportation and new energy business department of CNOOC gas and power group, said: "wherever Sany's mixer goes, CNOOC's gas goes."

in other words, near the construction of LNG mixer truck, Sany will establish a skid mounted station through cooperation with customers to be responsible for the transportation and construction of natural gas, while the energy company will provide gas source. The complete solution consisting of gas source, gas station and LNG mixer truck is basically formed

according to the national plan, 12000 natural gas filling stations will be built nationwide by 2020. At that time, gas filling will become as convenient as refueling

technology and market conditions for promoting LNG products have gradually matured. Industry experts believe that products powered by LNG may trigger an energy revolution in the construction machinery industry

total cash flow of 1.492 billion euros

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