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Be grateful for you and win-win in the future - a feast for the tail teeth of the sea

 It's time for the annual year-end celebration! On February 2, Haiwei sincerely invited all employees and their families to hold the 2017 tail tooth dinner in modern physical testing equipment in xinboya hotel. Everyone gathered together to enjoy the party

first of all, Mr. caigongsong, the general manager of the company, delivered an opening congratulation speech, thanking all colleagues for their positive contributions to Haiwei in the past 2017, and expressing new year's greetings. Subsequently, excellent employee awards, excellent team awards, loyalty awards, veteran awards, etc. were successively awarded, and the award-winning employees were encouraged to guard against arrogance and rashness, play a leading role and make new contributions in the new year

of course, there is no shortage of performances at the time of celebration. Various departments have carefully prepared various forms of sketches, Ocarinas, Peking Opera, zither, etc., adding a lot of joy to the reunion. All kinds of interactive games have mobilized the atmosphere of the scene and increased the cohesion of the team

but the most exciting moment, of course, is the lottery! Equal opportunities, everyone may be the lucky one tonight! All kinds of prizes are waiting for you, big and small The third prize was not won. It doesn't matter. What I want is the second-class sample. The origin covers China, India and Thailand The second prize is someone else's, it doesn't matter. Eat a few crabs first Hello Honey, wait for your car to pick me up. I won the color TV, This kind of award-winning professional is really enviable! Sure enough, people who love to laugh will never have bad luck! So, everyone remember to laugh more, always keep a positive and optimistic attitude, and good luck will always come

it doesn't matter if we don't win the lottery. Let's grab the red envelope! Finally, it's time to take full control of yourself. What you are fighting for is speed and luck. Let's see who is the best luck

in addition to Chinese Peking Opera, Chinese painting and Chinese medicine, which are well-known at home and abroad and are known as the three quintessence of China by the world, do I think red envelopes can also be used as an alternative to our Chinese quintessence? What a unique traditional culture, full of unique connotation, which is welcomed by people in many times because of the gradual economic recovery of the Middle East and African countries. It not only adds a strong festive atmosphere, but even a one cent red envelope makes people very happy. It's amazing

thank all the partners who carefully prepared for this dinner. Let this last tooth banquet be wonderful and full of laughter and joy! Thank all my colleagues and all my family members for their full support to Haiwei, and let Haiwei get better and better year by year

it is said that auspicious snow heralds a good year. It snows in Xiamen this year. Do you think 2018 is worth looking forward to? The nation remains mobilized for brand new endeavors. I believe that in 2018, under the leadership of the company's leaders, Haiwei will make more breakthroughs and provide more intimate, professional and high-quality products and services for new and old customers

finally, I wish you a wide range of financial resources in 2018! Everything you want is done

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